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Earn free cashback at these webshops

Go To Burkerwatches

And earn up to
6,00% Cashback
Go To BuyinCoins

And earn up to
3,00% Cashback
Charlotte Olympia
Go To Charlotte Olympia

And earn up to
7,50% Cashback
Go To

And earn up to
6,30% Cashback
Cotton ON
Go To Cotton ON

And earn up to
3,67% Cashback
Go To Dashlane

And earn up to
7,50% Cashback
Go To DealExtreme

And earn up to
2,85% Cashback
Go To

And earn up to
6,00% Cashback
Go To Diecast

And earn up to
7,50% Cashback
Go To DressLily

And earn up to
10,80% Cashback

Select the country where you live

Unique GlobalCashbacks registration system
GlobalCashbacks does not display the webshops
in categories as other cashback sites do.
We display the web shops per country.
We do this for an important reason.
Web shops give different commission
percentages per country. For country A,
for example, they give 4%, country B 6%
and country C 8%. In such cases, other
cashback sites often use the middle
percentage. But if you come from
country A then you get cash back on
the 4% commission and if you come from
country C you often get cash back on
the 6% commission. We strive for
maximum transparency and clarity,
which is why we use our system of countries
as categories instead of categories such as
clothing, vacation and travel, telephone and
internet, home and garden, et cetera.

Why choose GlobalCashbacks?
Global cashbacks gives a good cashback
compensation, namely 75% of the commissions
received. But above all, GlobalCahbacks
attaches great importance to your privacy.
We only ask you for the most necessary
personal information. We NEVER sell
your personal information. We do NOT trace
what you buy. We NEVER send spam mails.
There are NO hidden costs and we have
maximally protected your personal
information. We also have an excellent
registration system for your cashbacks.
The number of missing cashbacks is 0.01%.
In addition, in 99.9% of the cases you
get the percentage that we mention on
our site through our unique
registration system.

Your maximum savings on online
purchases is our motive, so shop
online from GlobalCashbacks and earn
free cashback discount worldwide.

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