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We think your opinion is important

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

We think your opinion is important. That is why we have created a profile on various review sites. Of course we prefer to receive your suggestions, remarks and comments, complaints via our contact form. In this way we can actively get started with your feedback. We think your feedback is important to further improve the service of our cashback site.

Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority priority. We will resolve your complaint quickly and adequately. We have a missing cashback rate of 0.01% and we are proud of that. But if something went wrong with your cashback registration, we will resolve this with maximum effort. We also pay our members as quickly as possible. As soon as we have received the commission for the sale, we will pay your cashback. We do not hold your cashback unnecessarily long. We hope that every member of our cashback service is 100 percent satisfied and that you also want to express that on the review sites. In this way, others also see the added value of our cashback service compared to other cashback sites. We would like to introduce everyone to our cashback sites. Good reviews contribute to that. In this way we grow into the number one cash back service worldwide. Then there is no web shop around us anymore and with us you always get the highest cashback in the world.

We have a profile on the following review sites:





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We hope that you will appreciate our good cashback service and share it with others who are looking for a cashback site that pays high cashback percentages, has almost no missing cashbacks, is user-friendly, has an eye for your privacy and does pay the cashback quickly.

We thank Linda Post for the tip to use review websites and her positive reviews of our cashback service. As a thank you we have added 10 non-referred members to her account so that she can receive up to € 250 in bonus for her tip. Do you have a good tip and do you want such a bonus? Then send your tip to us via our contact form.

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