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Read and Compare

Friday, 31 May 2019

When shopping in a supermarket, the expensive A-brands are at eye level. At the bottom of the shelves you will find the cheaper B brands. But are these B brands less qualitative? Or do the premium brands spend so much on advertising that you believe they are better? Those expensive advertising campaigns also have to be paid for. By you! Unfortunately, it often works like that on Google. The sites that invest heavily in search engine optimization and have substantial marketing budgets are at the top of Google. But are these the best websites?

Cashback rates:
Cashback World (CW) is the number one on Google when you search for Cashback. But is this the best cashback site? NO! Take a look at these cashback payments: AliExpress Cashback World (CW) is 2.00%, with us you will receive up to 5.91% cashback. At CW you receive 2.00% for a purchase with Booking, we give you 3.00%. ABOUT YOU, 2.00% cashback at CW and with us up to 11.25% cashback. EBAY, 1.00% cashback with CW and 2.00% with us. STUBHUB 3.00% with Cashback World and up to 6.75% cashback with us, Global Cashbacks.

We ask for your name, place of residence, email address, telephone number, gender and your bank details. Entering your gender and telephone number is not mandatory. Your bank details are required to pay you. We do not send newsletters with advertising only. You will only receive emails about your cashback in relation to your purchases and your payout. In addition, we will send you an e-mail if there are important changes to our site.

Many cashback sites send weekly and several sites even send daily newsletters full of offers. These sites earn extra income for sending these newsletters. We see this type of e-mail as SPAM and therefore we never send this type of e-mail.

Do you receive many advertising emails from specific companies? We receive requests from companies if we want to sell mail addresses of specific target groups: for example, men between the ages of 21 and 30 who love football, are single and have spent at least one hundred dollars at webshops that are connected to our cashback service. We NEVER cooperate with this type of request, despite the high reimbursements that are offered. When cashback sites ask about your hobbies, your relationship status, your income or other personal information, ask yourself the following question: what does this site want from you with this information?

Missing cashbacks:
On several review sites we read negative messages about other cashback sites because they do not register certain purchases and / or that they do not pay the earned cashback. Many companies that give cash back sites commissions for purchases through a cash back site do this specifically for one or a select group of countries. For example, you buy something from AliExpress, but your country does not meet the conditions of AliExpress and therefore you do not receive any cashback. Many cashback sites do not explicitly state this on their sites. We work on the basis of countries, instead of categories such as clothing, travel, electronics and AAA. We offer cashbacks from webshops per country. That is why we have 0.01% missing cashbacks. It also becomes clear that the cashback reimbursement can differ per country. For example: Hunkemoller, cashback for Danish members is 9.00% and cashback for German members is 4.50%. There are such differences per country. Is that fair? We too wonder why there are sometimes such big differences in the cashback rates per country. But we are transparent and offer our members the highest possible cashback.

Are we the best cashback service?
We are happy to leave that judgment to you. We do our best to give you the highest cashback, to ensure your privacy and never to sell your personal information to third parties and to minimize the number of missing cashbacks.

Of course we have points for improvement: the range of web shops is even poorer. We do our best to add more and more new web shops to our site. Do you have any points for improvement for our site / cashback site? Then we would like to hear from you. Please use the contact form on our site for this.

We hope that you will use our cashback service. The service is free and we are happy to offer you the highest cashback rates worldwide.

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