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About Coop Luce e Gas (IT)

Turn on light & gas Coop is an Italian energy supplier that exists to allow everyone to choose tailored offers and above all at the right price. In fact, for Coendi Luce & Gas Coop there is no better price, but the best ratio between quality and price. Turn on light & gas Coop offers a reliable, professional and ever-present service, and the tranquility of being able to count on a partner able to advise, guide you and shed light on the world of energy. Because it is precisely clarity and simplicity what is most needed: offers without shadows and hidden voices, legible bills, understandable answers. Turn on the light & gas Coop is always willing to give it to you, however you choose to get in touch with it. Thanks to the multi-channel approach of Coop light and gas, in fact, you can call us on the phone, you can do everything online in maximum security or you can meet person one of the many Coop sales points where you turn on Coop light and gas is present.

How to get the cashback:

  • Only purchases directly from GlobalCashbacks can be registered for Cashback, so do not visit other sites during the order, such as comparison sites. We advise you to close other tabs and windows.
  • You must select the country where you live. You only get cashback if the webshop delivers in your country. Therefore be sure that this webshop is listed under the webshops in your country.
  • The customer service of the webshop can not help you with questions about your Cashback Discount, please contact us.
  • A Cashback Discount is not a guarantee, so do not base your purchase decision on this. Because of legal minimum prices on certain goods, we can not give cashback on these goods. We name these goods under the special conditions.
  • Do not click on banners on other sites or a newsletter. The cashback can not then be registered.
  • Do not use discount codes. The cashback may not be registered.
  • Do not use browser extensions during the purchase that provide offers or product comparisons, or that guarantee privacy. The cashback may not be registered.
  • Cashback is calculated on the purchase price excluding VAT, shipping costs and any additional costs.

Special Conditions:


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